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Ridiculous tweets in which she says she finds labels oppressive, completely waters down what oppression is, disregards the fact that oppressed people need their labels to keep people like her from erasing them, and says that if you support gender equality you’re technically a feminist whether you ID as one or not.

 Also more explanation of why trans* people feel like she really does not care about them (because when she’s not forgetting their existence she’s mentioning them in a quick 0.5 second text flash on her next video so they don’t get mad at her). Also how fitting (note the profile pic) that she supports a trans*phobic organization like the HRC.

Finally, it seems like she only acknowledges social inequality when it’s convenient for her (i.e. when she’s not facing criticism for participating in oppressive behavior, cuz when she’s faced with criticism she starts to pretend that she doesn’t know what privilege is). In her "high school on crack post" (and several other posts addressing callouts) she claimed that she “didn’t know” and was “just beginning" as a SJB. Despite the fact that she likes to tout herself as an authoritative educator on trans* issues and had totally written a post a few months earlier about How Oppression Works. So, for those who thinks that her fuckups are genuine mistakes (which they’re not, if they were she’d actually give genuine apologies which she doesn’t) that happen because she’s just *unaware* of her privilege, well, here you go. She’s fucking not.

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